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                1.       I find it important to learn spoken English.

                2.       you may think it strange that anyone would live there.

                3.       we consider it necessary that we should review our lessons every evening.

                1.       他感到奇怪,每个人都盯着他看。

                2.       我觉得︻和朋友争吵毫无益处。(it is no good doing)

                3.       他们发现他们不可能按时到韩玉临挺着惨白地脸达。

                4.       祖父觉得被孩子们邀来做报告是一种荣幸。

                5.       我们认为有必要阻止污染环境。

                6.       学校已经说清楚了,我们不能把饭菜带出食堂。(make …clear

                7.       我们觉得让人们了解感觉还是轻松爱滋病很重要。

                8.       手机使我们更容易相互联系。

                答案:1. He felt it strange that everyone was staring at him.

                      2. I think it no good quarreling with friends.

                      3. They found it impossible for them to arrive on time.

                      4.Grandpa thought it an honor to be invited to give the talk by the children.

                      5.Our school has made it clear that we can’t take food out of the canteen.

                      6. We think it important to make people know about AIDS.

                      7. Cellphones make it easier for us to keep in touch with each other.


                Eg: 1.It was in the classroom that I found the lost watch.

                2.It was not until I lost the chance to go abroad that I realized the importance of English.

                1    他是两点▲回家的。

                2    我被人抢了钱包是在回家的路上。

                3    因为缺钱他才辍学(drop out of school)。

                4    直到九点他才起床。

                5    直到我又一次失败了,我才咔嚓——一声将张华俊相信父母的话。

                答案:1. It was at two that he arrived home.

                      2. It was on the way home that I was robbed of my wallet.

                      3. It was because of lack of money that he dropped out of school.

                      4. It was not until 9 that he got up.

                      5. It was not until I failed once more that I believed my parents.



                1    信上写道,他们星期天大哥到。

                2    我想优山美地别墅区知道他是否会来。

                3    他们↘对世界上发生的事情感兴趣。

                4    老师不知道爱迪生为什么有韩师兄那么多问题。

                答案:1. The letter says that they are arriving on Sunday.

                  2. I wonder if/whether he will come.

                 3. They were interested in what was going on in the world.

                4. The teacher didn’t know why Edison had so many questions.



                1    我的建议是我们先采访受伤者。

                2    这就是我要帮你的原因。

                3    问题是我们什么时候能完成工作。

                4    这正是他◢想要的东西。

                答案:1. My suggestion is that we interview the injured first.

                2.This was why I would help you.

                      3. The question is when we will complete the work..

                      4. This is what he wants.



                Examples: Where the graduates will be sent to work has not been decided.

                It hasn’t been decided where the graduates will be sent to work.

                1    我要买哪座呵呵笑了笑房子还没决定。

                2    我们什么时候开运动会还不知道。

                3    谁会赢这场比赛还很难说。

                答案:1. Which house I will buy has not decided./It is not decided which house we will buy.

                      2. When we will have the sports meet is not known./It is not known when we will hold the sports meet.

                      3.It is hard to say who will win the match.



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