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                [来源:本站 | 作者: 加高 | 日期:2015年6月28日 | 浏览3705 次] 字体:[ ]





                答案:1. I was busy working when my uncle came yesterday.

                      2. Wang tao had learned English before he went to middle school.

                      3. We rushed out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang.


                句型27not… until

                1    他一直等你到天黑。

                2    他一直到四十岁还猶豫是个单身汉。

                3    雨停了他ㄨ们才出发。

                4    处理完所恐怖神器啊看到這一幕有问题他才打的回家。

                答案:1. he waited until dark.

                      2. he didn’t got married until forty.

                      3. They didn’t set out until the rain stopped.

                      4. he didn’t go home until he settled down all the problems.

                        Not until he settled down all the problems did he go home.

                        It was not until he settled down all the problems that he went home.


                句型28He has worked here for three years since he came here.

                It is three years since he began to work here.



                答案:1. They have visited several universities since they arrived in Beijing.

                      2. It is two months since I received your letter.


                句型29as soon as/the minute/the moment/immediately/on doing

                1    演出→一结束我们就离开了剧院。

                2    他一得到通知就开始为晚会做而就在這時候准备。

                答案:1. We left the theatre the moment the performance was over.

                      2. He began to make preparations for the party on getting the note.


                句型30:地点状语1. Put the book where it was.

                         2. we will have a picnic where there is no pollution.




                答案:1. I will wait for you where I saw you for the first time.

                      2. He called to ask me to stay where I had been.

                      3. We’d better put the vase where it is safe.


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